Hitting that SEND BUTTON

My approach to launching a newsletter

Hi friends,

Maybe you found my website through a Google search, or read one of my essays, or we collided on Twitter.

However we met… I’m glad you’re here!!!

What is this thing

This is me announcing Curious, my new newsletter sent every Friday night.

Each week I’ll share something interesting I found on the internet. I’ll break down why I thought it was interesting and I’ll relate it to other big ideas, trends, events, and important subjects impacting the world as I see it.

Things that will probably make it into an issue at some point:

  • Interesting products or experiences I encounter

  • New companies or activities in the markets

  • Podcasts

  • News articles

  • Blog posts

  • Tweets

  • Books

  • Interviews with friends

This might come a little out of the blue. In 2018 I started gathering emails in Mailchimp with lofty intentions of writing weekly essays on product management.

Then I had a baby, got multiple promotions, and traveled a ton. 🤷‍♂️

I wrote less than I would have liked, and didn’t send any emails. Sorry about that!

But here we are. It’s 9:43 on a Friday night and I’m writing this email.

I’m hitting that SEND BUTTON.

What is Substack?

I chose to host Curious on Substack for a few reasons:

  • Super simple interface. No fancy email marketing backend. This is Bootstrap simple.

  • I like their mission. They’re helping people build newsletters and platforms without reliance on display ads or data-mining

  • You should start a newsletter too. It’s free. Here’s a how-to

Why I chose this format

I think one of my superpowers is an insatiable curiosity. It makes me a better thinker, product manager, leader, and friend. This curiosity leads me to consume a wide variety of content and to engage with a diverse group of friends.

I’m always learning something new, developing mental models, and trying to make new connections between ideas, concepts, and people.

I think it’s about time to give that curiosity a voice.

And that voice is Curious: A Newsletter.

Until next week,

-Daniel Di Bartolo

PS: I recently co-wrote an essay with my colleague Celeste Fiorillo called How to Follow Up (without being annoying). If you or someone you know finds it hard to follow up with colleagues or friends, this one is for you. It has over 15 templates to help you sharpen that skill.