What is this thing?

Hi there. I’m Daniel Di Bartolo.

Curious is a newsletter for the inquisitive, sent every Friday night. Colliding big ideas from business, economics, and tech.

Each week I’ll share something interesting I found on the internet. I’ll break down why I thought it was interesting and I’ll relate it to other big ideas, trends, events, and important subjects impacting the world as I see it.

Things that will probably make it into an issue at some point:

  • Interesting products or experiences I encounter

  • New companies or activities in the markets

  • Podcasts

  • News articles

  • Blog posts

  • Tweets

  • Books

About Me

I love learning about new verticals, technologies, and strategies– asking questions, connecting the dots, and discovering patterns.

My interests vary wildly but the threads that hold it all together are gravity distorting subjects like economics, travel, and technology.

I like to tell people I’m an unapologetic generalist. I feel most alive when collaborating with good people to solve hard, interesting problems.

, I’m a Product Manager building apps on the web, iOS, and Android. I’ve launched multiple consumer SaaS products (on iOS and the web). I love leading cross-functional teams to build cool products.

You can read some of my previous essays here.

When I’m not building products I’m probably cooking, traveling, or reading.

I love meeting new people! I live near Seattle, Washington and Vancouver, BC and am always open for a meetup.

Let’s chat on Twitter or feel free to send me an email.

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